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As a person who once frequented Kavar's and now prowls around on occassion, I see Kavar's Corner as it's description says, a friendly place of debate. Now that interpretation could be taken in many ways but the way I see it, it simply means a place where I can go and present my thoughts in a contributing manner while having fun.

As I have stated somewhere before, I am born and raised Catholic but a practicing Christian, a contradiction since both are from Christianity. My political aspects are moderate liberal. In debates I can argue for both sides and on occassion do a flip and use words against them using theory and such.

I am a source of confusion for some since I can look at things scientifically and with a belief system in place. A difficult thing but makes my like fullfilling. It also allows me to see other perspectives that would have been otherwise closed to me.

It would be a shame to see Kavar's Corner closed because community members cannot control their passion or disagreements make people grumpy. I believe we can still have fun in Kavar's Corner and keep the motto of it being a friendly place of debate.

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