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multiplayer help...

To start off, I'm going to have to say that I cna play EaW's multiplayer just fine. But when I try to get on FoC's, the background battle freezes for a while, then the news screen comes up but the status say "Players Matching: 0, Players Online: 0, Games Available(or w/e it is): 0. So I can cancel out, then try again. The background doesnt freeze, but I get an instant "Error connecting to GameSpy." This happens about 5 times, then it finally seems it is connecting, but I get "The server has refused connection." Then the Gamespy and that just seem to randomly occur. Everything else works fine, and yes, I have matched the online setting to the exact of EaW's. Any suggestions?

PS: If there is a technical forum specifically for these, point the way.
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