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Originally Posted by CommanderQ View Post
Luke Skywalker was sitting next to his computer one day, wondering how to do something. He had just joined a group on the galactic wide internet and wanted to submit a story. He had read the instructions over and over again, but just couldn't understand what to do. Finally, he went to drastic measures. "3P0! I need your help!" he shouted. As much as Luke didn't like C-3P0 he needed help. "Yes, Master Luke!" 3P0 said. Luke took a breath," 3P0, I'm trying to post something on the internet and I ca..." "
"Master, this has considerable risk!" interrupted 3P0, "Do you not realize you can be spammed or scammed! Does anyone know your credit card number! Your password! Or who you are!!" Luke rolled his eyes, "3P0! Stop worrying so much, you aren't helping at all!" 3P0 did something that sounded like a sigh, "Sometimes I just don't understand human behaviour..." and 3P0 walked out of the room, muttering nonsense to himself. Luke decided to take a risk. He wrote his story down in a random place and and was about to press submit. "Whelp, here it goes..." and Luke pressed SUBMIT.
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