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Originally Posted by hhunter6 View Post
Let me ask this. How would you feel if Bush said, "Saddam is mass killing his people and it needs to stop. Thats why were going in." Would you feel different?
No, because I would doubt the veracity of that reason as well. Bush was in the 2nd year of his term when he invaded Iraq. If he was genuinely concerned about the welfare of the Iraqi people and wanted to use that as a justification, he should have invaded much, much sooner.

The catalyst for the invasion was the attacks of 9/11. I don't know why a terrorist attack would in turn become the catalyst for a huge humanitarian effort, especially considering that terrorist mastermind allegedly responsible for the attacks is being relatively ignored in another conflict in another country. Should our attention be there?

Originally Posted by hhunter6 View Post
I'm not defending the reason why we were over there in the first place by any means. There is alot that I don't agree with about the war in Iraq. But after seeing a grave of about 100 thousand bodies many children with bullet holes in there head, how big his palaces were and the poverty of the surrounding villages were. In some way it was justified going over there.
See above.

I have no doubt that Saddam was a real, honest-to-goodness ass-hat. An ass-hat that we put into power, gave weapons to, supported for years, etc. Again, if we had some moral obligation to be there, it went ignored for almost a decade. 2 years of which by George Dubya.

And if we're going to side-step the U.N. to act unilaterally in the name of human rights abuses, etc, then why aren't we in Durfur?

Also, please keep in mind that you're asking me to completely ignore all of the Project for a New American Century rhetoric.

Originally Posted by hhunter6 View Post
But again when you find no WOMD then its a tainted mission so to speak. My thought is you see videos of the military bumping cars, which is crazy in its self due to the vehicle IED threat, but you never know out there. and I wouldn't want to be the next military guy to be captured and beheaded.
I also see video of contractors strafing cars with machine gun fire while listening to Elvis (or was it Johnny Cash?). But that's unrelated as they aren't actual military personnel.

Originally Posted by hhunter6 View Post
You don't have to thank me for anything I've enjoyed my time as a marine and I have no regrets. I havn't been back there for two years and i hear its calmed down alot since I was there. But I've seen alot there that no one here ever sees or hears about. (go media) I'm just one man with his own opinion. but I enjoy healthy conversations about it. It keeps you sane
I don't follow the MSM, so I don't know how well they cover things. I do know that a lot of the documentaries I've seen aren't afraid to pull punches, so I do like to think that I have some small of idea of how completely nutters things have been over there.
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