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Want Sam and Max on Wii?

Hey guys, I went out and bought Sam and Max on Wii since I preordered it just so that I could have the bonus CD. I don't own a Wii, and I already have Sam and Max Season 1 on PC, so it's not like I have any use for this.

I thought I'd offer it to you guys here first at a discounted price before going out and returning it to a different store to get my money back.

So if any of you want, I'm offering Sam and Max on Wii, new and sealed, for $24 shipped anywhere in the US (except Alaska and Hawaii since it's probably more expensive to ship there.) I guess for anyone outside the US gets to me first it will be some dollar amount more expensive.

Anyways, I guess the offer is for the first person who contacts me and is truly interested. You can PM me here or send me something on AIM at (GASP!) Syntheticgerbil.
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