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Imperial Palace

As Luke submitts randomly to who knows where, Han Solo is sitting in front of his computer playing music. Darth Vader music. Han loves the Darth Vader theme and started singing along with it.

"Dum dum dum dom de dum dom de dum!" sang Han.

He then began to turn around in circles on his swivel chair, acting like he was 30 years younger. This wasn't normal for Han who usually says things like, "Let's go find some trouble, eh kid," or, "I gotta bad feeling about this." That or "I hate snakes, I hate 'em!" But that's a different story entirely.

Han is having a great time doing things he would never do until he notices that he was being watched. Leia was standing at the far end of the room with a huge grin on her face. Han stopped and said, "Honey, don't tell look Chewie! He'll never let me live this down!"

Leia chuckled, "I don't think I'LL let you live this down." She then left the room. Han shook his head and looked at the computer. It suddenly started beeping as the security screen went off.

"You have been spammed! Security leak, potentially dangerous!" the computer security shouted.

Han clicked on who the risk was and a name showed up: LukeSkywalker@jeditemple. Han couldn't believe what he was spammed with. It was a story called "The Tale of the Pink Rabbit." Han gasped aloud.

"Luke!" he shouted to himself, "What's happened to you!" Han stood and ran out the building to find Luke at the Jedi Temple.

Part 3 coming soon...

This story is like a comedic infinities story, this would never happen to Luke or Han and so on. heh

you very much
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