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Chapter 4

Passing of Days

Sri lay down in the chilling darkness of her cell. Three years had passed. Every day had been a constant nightmare. It hadn’t taken long to find out what her purpose was. The day after her arrival, a man had come and taken her to a large warehouse, around the edges of which lay many open cases of weapons. Then he’d told her that he was supposed to train her to fight. When she’d asked why, he’d said something about Lord Kazic having high hopes for her in the arena. Almost every day, Sri had trained, slowly building her skill and physique. She had one day every moon to rest—she was usually recovering instead of resting. Every few days, Kazic had paid her a visit, seeing how she had progressed; but before he returned to his normal life, he’d always beaten her severely. Once, one of the trainers had tried to make him stop, but had relented when Kazic told him that he was building Sri’s immunity to pain, besides making sure she remembered who her master was. Sri used to cry and scream, begging for him to stop, hoping for any relief, but then she’d found out that it only increased the sadistic pleasure he took in hurting her. She had then resolved not to give in to his cruel nature. After several months, only her eyes and what cries of pain she couldn’t suppress showed what she felt. Not one tear had ever trickled down her face since then, no matter how much she hurt.

Sri’s sharp ears listened for any sound of guards coming. Nothing. She got to her feet and pressed her face against the bars, glancing down the hall both ways. Good, she was alone. The girl backed away from the bars and began stretching.

Sri had never complained about the harsh tutelage she endured. She’d absorbed all of the training she could. But, instead of using all of her skill against the ‘tutors’, she’d kept her true capabilities hidden, watching and waiting for the day when she could kill Kazic and escape. Ah, killing Kazic—she would enjoy that. He would regret all those beatings he had given her! Her eyes gleamed in the darkness as she thought of it. Once that was done, she would leave and find Gaeva’ib.

Her eyes became bitter at the memory of her parents’ deaths. The images of that horrible day had branded themselves in the forefront of her mind, the mangled bodies of her parents and the smirk on Gaeva’ib’s face giving her strength. The anger and hate lurked inside of her like crouching predators, ready to spring up and strike, but only when the time was right. They’d grown stronger over the years, feeding on her bitterness, their vicious fangs dripping her own poison back into the bottomless well of her soul. It was difficult to keep them from taking complete control of her. Now, it was hard to imagine how life had been without them. There was no peace in her mind, just an all-consuming need to fulfill her one purpose left in life: revenge.

Someone was coming! Sri silently dropped to the stone floor and pretended she was asleep. Two guards were walking down the hall. She could hear them conversing in Rattataki and smirked slightly. There was one more thing they didn’t know about her. Daily exposure to the Rattataki tongue had helped her understand it, and now, she was fluent in it. Her face relaxed back into a stolid expression as they drew closer.

“Come on, let’s hurry up! I want to get back to sleep!”

The other guard grunted, “I don’t even know why Lord Kazic’s having us check on her. She’s just some kid.”

The first guard asked in a lower voice, “Haven’t you seen her lately?”

There was a coarse laugh. “’Course I have. You think I’m blind or somethin’? She’s gonna look real good in a year or two—”

“No, you don’t understand what I’m saying!” the first guard snapped. “When she looks at me, I don’t know why, but I’m suddenly—afraid.”

The second guard snorted in disgust. “Afraid of some kid? You’re a coward!”

“Just wait until she glares at you, then you’ll know what I mean!”

They halted in front of her cage. The second guard suddenly slammed the end of his rifle into the bars, sending a loud ring through the cage. Sri leaped to her feet as if startled.

The first guard exclaimed, “What do you think you’re doing!”

The second one laughed and replied, “If she’s so scary, I’ll know soon enough.” He switched to Basic. “Hey, girl!” Her black eyes darted to him and remained on him, glaring, boring into his face. He was visibly shaken at the effect they had on him. Fear possessed his entire being, making him want to run away as fast as he could. He could feel her hatred, as if it were a snake slithering closer, wrapping around him, its mouth opening, its fangs folding outwards--. The guard whirled abruptly and walked down the hall again. His friend followed suit, laughing at his retreating back.

Sri’s mouth twisted into a smile. Those two guards had unwittingly informed her of her greatest weapon; her eyes! They had finally finished developing! A few times, Atan’il had told her about the effect they had on other tribes and races. When a full-blooded Kamalan looked at you, you could feel his emotions towards you. Sri’s smile darkened. Her hate was serving her once more. These eyes of hers eroded the will of her opponent, planting an irrational fear of her in his soul! The young Twi’lek continued stretching her slim figure, readying herself for her nightly practice. Now was the time when she would exercise her hidden talents against invisible foes. It wasn’t nearly as good as fighting real people, animals, or the holograms she used to learn to battle against numbers, but it would suffice until the time came to exact payment from Kazic.

Another year passed. Her situation had changed little. Sri’s skills had exponentially increased, for some reason, and she was having trouble hiding them now. Her weapons had changed as well. Instead of wielding two vibroswords, Kazic had found two new toys for her to use, some things called lightsabers. Their energy blades were weightless and glowed a bright, piercing blue. It had taken several weeks to learn how to balance them in her hand, since her trainers knew nothing about these lightsabers. Now, she was just as proficient with them as she was with the vibroswords. They would cut through almost anything. The only real threat to their power seemed to be an element called cortosis. Some swords, her trainers said, had this rare element mixed in with the metal of their blades. But those swords were supposed to be rare, so she had little to fear from them.

But matters were beginning to get out of hand. Sri had almost killed one of her instructors during a bout of hand-to-hand combat. For the past four years, he and the other trainers had wisely taught her a style that made her natural inability to reach a man’s strength invalid. She’d almost broken her trainer’s neck with her last strike. Sri didn’t care. She hated him as much as she hated all the others around her. She was just sorry that his spinal cord hadn’t shattered completely from that strike.

Sri flexed her sore muscles in the dim light of her cell. She’d taken a serious beating for that ‘accident’. As usual, it was extremely painful, but left no scars to mar her skin. The girl crouched in the back corner of her cell as footsteps approached. A guard walked up and set a bowl of water and a portion of food through the bars. He left as quickly as possible. Sri crept over to the food and tore into it with all the manners of a ravenous wolf. It tasted terrible, but it would keep her alive and healthy, and that was all she cared about. As soon as she swallowed the last bite, she drank the water from the bowl. In a few minutes, her instructor would come by and take her back to that cursed room, and another day would begin.

Sure enough, a few minutes later, her instructor and a guard showed up. Sri glared at the instructor out of habit. He shivered as he grabbed her arm and pulled her down the hall after him. The guard remarked glumly, “At least you don’t have to put up with the little beast anymore after this, if Kazic likes what he sees. It was a lucky break for you, the other guy getting himself injured.” He lowered his voice to a confidential whisper. “I heard someone say that he’s showing her off to a special guest today, and he might go ahead and throw her into the arena next week.”

The instructor gave a relieved smile. “Good! I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I accepted Lord Kazic’s offer to train this girl! She gives me the creeps; I’ll be more than happy to get her off my hands!”

“Huh, guess who’s probably gonna have to put up with her for the rest of his life? You’re looking at him!”

The instructor laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you can get out of here eventually. Tell you what, for a hundred credits, I’ll take you with me when I leave. I know a Hutt on Tattooine who can always use another guard like you.”

The guard replied apprehensively, “I dunno, a Hutt…”

“His name’s Jabba.”

“Jabba? You’ve got a deal!”

Sri stopped listening to them at that point. Her eyes sparkled fiercely. Today was the day; it had to be! Kazic would die before the sun fell from the sky, and then she’d be free to wreak her vengeance on Gaeva’ib!

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________

Yes, I finally got it out!!!!! Sorry about the long wait guys. I feel kinda bad giving you this dinky little chapter instead of a nice long one...

Chapter 12 of A Soul Adrift is out.

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