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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Kreia is less bossy than Atris? I must have missed something, because I don't recall Atris ever trying to make the entire crew of the Ebon Hawk into her personal βitcΠ. Atris doesn't do as much of anything as Kreia.
No. Kreia is manipulative, not bossy, there is a difference. Kreia uses blackmail and force techniques on the crew to get her way. While I don't like her manipulating thte crew, I admire her skill with it, especially since it generally produced the results she wanted.

Atris on the other hand was just a pathetic excuse for a jedi holed up in her ice acadamy "meditating with her holorons." When she speaks to exile she has an "I'm right your wrong you arrogant jerk" attitude. Kreia also tried to bring the exile over to her opinion but she does so through manipulation and persuasion rather than Atris' approach which is that she is right about everything and can never be wrong.

@Feagildin: You have a good insight there.


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