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Originally Posted by Bee Hoon View Post
Mm, that's true (regarding the chess and reusing phrases). You might want to note that not all the errors are in dialogue--sometimes, it's easier to pick up errors if you reread after taking a break. I don't know about you, but I find that I tend to get to a point where I see what I planned to write and not what is actually there, and thus miss out on mistakes You're welcome!
Alright, what I said is true about having deliberate errors in speech, but I do try to keep as much unwritten dialog as formal as possible. Even thoughts have error to a degree, but I try to make grammar one of my first priorities, so I'm open to suggestions.

This post is also in regards to the next stage of the story. Vrook and Alexandra will clash swords over Kalin and I want to know if readers would prefer I keep strictly to the war aspects, or if you would like personal problems that don't really progress the story.

I will take this into consideration for readers, so make your thoughts known if you want it kept strictly to business.
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