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Originally Posted by HIGH ON PIE 14 View Post
Very good job on chapter 4! I am growing to like Javen's personality more and more as the story progresses. As DY said, Javen, Garzulan, and Leah have good chemistry and work well together.
*grins* That's awsome... though, I still think Garzulan will wind up being the favorite.

Originally Posted by HOP 14 View Post
Eurgh, AP homework...I feel for you, I've got a lot of that myself. Which ones do you take?
AP English, AP American Government, PAP Chemistry... then Algebra II as well, though we rarely have homework in there...

Originally Posted by HOP 14 View Post
I await the next chapter...don't worry about it taking a the rate I'm getting homework the next time I'll have a free moment is two weeks anyway.

Hahaha... that's okay. I may have a bit of chapter 5 written today, as we don't have to be back up at the school today til 4... tomorrow is our last performance! WOOOOO HOOOOO!
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