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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Those "do whatever I want you to or else, bitch" speeches Kreia gives to Atton and Mandalore don't sound bossy at all to you?
No, the one with Atton sounded like manipulative blackmail to me. Kreia used his past jedi killing against him. That is not the same thing as bossy. Kreia wants to bend others to her will, but is not going to sit there and whine about how she is the only great one. Does Kreia like everyone? No. But she is smart enough to realize that everybody has a use. I'm not saying she does not want to have her way all the time...everybody wants there way. I'm, saying that she handled it more like someone who has sense, not some bratty 3-year old.

With Mandelore, she basically just told him that the age of the mandelorians was over and that she wanted him to protect the exile. Kreia, believes that if you don't agree with her, than you are wrong, but doesn't everyone? You think DY and I are wrong because we don't agree with you and vice versa. All I'm saying is that I don't hate Kreia, because the way she goes about manipulating takes skill, not just spouting self righteousness and trashing the exile like Atris. The point is Kreia can deliver on her threats, while Atris is full of nothing but hot air.

So you don't think Atris is arrogant or self absorbed? Hmmm...


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