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Brain Tumbler Experiment Glitch

I was playing through the game for my 6th or 7th time, and something happened in the Brain Tumbler Experiment that I hadn't seen at any other time that I played the game.

It was after getting the Psi Blast, and Raz had to go and shoot the monster in his head (Shadowy Linda figure). To the right of the figure there was a cobweb, and I had the Cobweb Duster, and sucked it up. The vaccum thing that shoots out to collect cobwebs stayed stuck in midair, even though the cobweb was sucked up. It was really strange... I could still finish the level with no problems, but the hose stretched through all the cave walls and rocks to reach the area where the cobweb used to be. I couldn't use any other items, bacon, smelling salts, etc. I also noticed that eventually, after the hose stretched some distance, Raz held the Duster ackwardly, almost like he had to forcefully pull it along...

I play it on the PS2, if that matters.

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