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But I have one question. If Nihilus was so all-fired powerful, why didn't he drain Visas right there?
IMO he wasnt bothered. nihilus eats planets. visas is a breadcrumb to him in terms of force draining. he was probably completely confident that he could squish the three gnats instantly. but if nihilus eats huge, why would he drain revan? because revan is a threat. i think he tried draining the exile when he considered her a threat. so once he removed revan's advantage, he would squish him. im a revan fan, but i'm going on what i currently know. there is a chance he could win. as i said, he'd have to be smart. i think he would have to do something unexpected, fight in a novel way or something. he could use something like a shatter/nail gun (if they were around in kotor times) and shoot the zombies and cause the ravager to crash or something and get off before it does. nihilus would probably still be alive, but a bit weakened. obviously nihilus isnt immortal because exile killed him with weapons. so if revan could land a shot on him... as for the ship crashng, some might say nihilus could just stop it because he's holding it together anyway, and he ripped it out of the MSG's effects. but nihilus had a feed there. here, he didnt.

mfw I read the Revan novel

it is not a cry of joy.
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