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Originally Posted by LQ. View Post
Anyhoo...XD Lets see if i get kicked out for talking about another game.

Looks like DSS is trying to out-do you with his triple post rofl.

Anyways, don't play WoW, never have...never will. I'm probably the only one in the US who hasn't played WoW lol. I just don't like the genre'. I'm a tried and true sci-fi freak. I used to play SWG when it first came out, before all the changes, but yeah it just blows goats now. I hear good things about WAR, almost my entire guild from SWG is now playing WAR and they love it.

I'm looking forward to Tuesday to see if the Bioware/LA game is actually gonna be a SW MMO. The chances of me playing it are extremely high if it is. Thing is, school > any MMO so we'll see what happens.

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