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Kavar's Corner is interesting because it allows people across the broad spectrum of Star Wars fans to share their thoughts on things other than Star Wars and video games. I was thrilled when I found it, and promptly got put in my place a few times for pomposity, pedantism, and general bullying without reason. Nothing ever made me happier than to have someone with an intelligent voice make me feel foolish for voicing half-baked ideas... it reminded me of grad Phil classes! Without the tuition!

I understand the difficulties of moderating a forum like Kavar's - it mostly has to do with the fact (fact has been sufficiently explained here recently, I think) that our forum base is very broad and diverse, in age, experience, and education - to start with, and obviously many other differences. Not everyone can create an iron-clad argument, with sound evidence and logical structure. Conversely, not everyone is prepared to take the heat from Achilles when they post something absurdly conceived.

I say tough. I love this part of the forum, because it is what it is. Although the poll is closed, that's my thought. I also appreciate that it is here, despite how difficult it is to moderate. A labor of love, that I guess wears a little thin from time to time - especially these days when opinions everywhere are running hot.
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