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Today, another character join the story. As the stories of Kotor and Jormin connect and interact, a certain small Jedi master is one of the few who know all the secrets involved...

Less action

Choices of a Jedi Master
Jedi Master Vandar Tokare walked through the mall enclave he helped to build. Juhani was training with her Master, Quatra.
He felt master Vrook was approaching him.
“Master Vrook. It’s good to see you. But…shouldn’t you be on your way for Nar Shaddaa?” The small Jedi master asked, while sitting down on one of the benches.
Vrook sat down next to him, before answering.
“It’s good to see you too, Master Vandar. But it’s not necessary for me to be on Nar Shaddaa. I sent a renowned Master in my place. Someone who I felt was more appropriate for the task. He was actually heading for Onderon to consult queen Talia about the…Sith situation.”
Vandar tried to read Vrook’s mind. There was a reason the old Master wanted to stay here.
“Do you expect padawan Bastilla to return with…our last hope shortly, Master Vrook?” The green Master asked politely. Vrook grunted.
“Yes. But I still think it’s an insane plan. We once exiled one out of our order for having a shade of darkness within her. And this one is set free?”
“Ah, that’s where the problem is.” Vandar thought.
“You believe the Pact of Brothers or, like Atris liked to call it, ‘Death Pact’ is a better chance of defeating Malak and the Sith? Do really think he can beat a Sith Lord, Vrook?” Vandar questioned.
Vrook stood up.
“Yes. In all honesty, that man has done amazing work for the Republic. Not as a Jedi. Not as a Sith. He doesn’t have the history of violence that damn ‘padawan’ of yours has! I’d pick him over your padawan every day!”
Vrook walked away, heading for his chambers.
Vandar Tokare sat alone. He sighed.
The death pact wasn’t something to be proud of. One of the Jedi orders most famous members, Jenos of Tython, once had a vision of an all powerful being that would save the Jedi and defeat the Sith. Discussion arose between the council when candidates appeared. The Sunriders? The Quel Dromas? Even Revan and the one who would later become his first general were considered. They had powers no-one in the order had ever seen. But they didn’t have the power to do the job. Although the Sunrider family was strong, the current leader of the Jedi Order was in fact a Sunrider, they didn’t have the power to destroy the Sith. And Revan and ‘The Exile’ turned to the Sith instead of beating them. The council then argued it could be Jenos’ own bloodline that could produce the ‘Son of the Suns.’ That was the reason for allowing Jenos own child (raised by his Jedi girlfriend) to be trained
“What’s wrong master Vandar?” A small boy, levitating several blocks sat down next to him.
“Everything, dear child. It seems the Jedi order isn’t doing so well. And there are two plans to save us from...extinction. And it looks like none of them will work.” Vandar responded, honest. He knew there was a relatively good chance of Bastilla brining the ‘new padawan’ back. And there were equal chances that the Death Pact would work.
The little child, who had thought about its answer for a little time, tried to answer:
“Then…why don’t you make another plan? Or…try and hide?”
Hiding wasn’t a bad idea actually. He heard a Jedi Master named Atris was strongly suggesting the creation of hidden enclaves to support the Jedi in the upcoming dark times. Because every Jedi could feel it: Dark times were on their way.
“That’s not a bad idea, child. You see everything with an amazing logic.” Vandar laughed.
“Is this about the bad man who’s hurting Jedi all over the galaxy, Master Vandar?” The child asked.
Vandar thought for a moment.

“Yes. That man hurts innocent people and must be stopped. But we simply don’t know how too. No-one is…” Vandar found it difficult to proclaim the words. “…strong enough to do so. That’s why we made plans to search for those strong people. And two are concidered right now.”
The kid looked at him with an excited glance.
“Than what’s the problem, Master? You will have two people to help us then! Two chances!”
The old master realized the child was right. But the child didn’t see the complex problems.
“The problem is, you one, that one of the plans is…difficult because of the risk the Sith will end up stronger. And the other plan is…well…even more difficult. I can’t explain.”
The child nodded.
“I’ll go and study now, Master. Goodbye.”
Vandar nodded.
If life was only as simple as in a child’s mind. But life wasn’t. Life was a Vrook saw it: cold, hard and realistic. The exact reason why Vrook supported the Death Pact. Because it relied on facts, training and control. While Vandar his plan…was risky and required intense amounts of strength from Bastilla.
And luck…if Revan realized what the council had done…he could turn back to the Dark Side and all would have been for nothing…

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