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Originally Posted by Henz View Post
I see Brood as a likely candidate for a sequel, but I honestly can't fathom how a second game could have the impact or importance that they got with TFU. I think they did a really good job of creating a story that fits the continuity nicely whilst still feeling epic.
They probably won't get the same ground-breaking effect, but they can build on what they have by adding more features, more ambitious storylines, characters and powers, and make it longer now they know there is a market for it. Think of the difference between KotOR and TSL - both great games in their own right, but KotOR was the ground-breaker, the new thing. TSL took that base and built upon it, with slightly enhanced graphics more animations, items, etc, and would have had a greatly enhanced storyline had LA allowed Obsidian to finish it!

Hopefully, LucasArts will do the same this time round, use the original as a base and build upon it, but maybe finish it thi time around!

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