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There's been a lot of talk from the government in public service announcements, claiming that digital television promises "better picture and sound quality" over analog. Of course, I have digital cable, and that is a pure lie; I get compression artifacts galore, slow buffer times when switching channels, and annoying static. They could allow better compression and picture quality, if they used a better codec rather than the standard MPEG-2, perhaps even the MPEG-4 codec. Of course, the government has also said that the leftover bandwidth from the analog switchoff will be used for emergency communications, but I'm sure that's a white lie, and that it will probably be sold to communication companies for their own use.

Not to mention, now that all new TVs sold are built with an ATSC tuner, TVs are much more expensive than they were even five years ago. In 2003, I bought a standard 480i, 27" tube TV for $300. Yesterday, I saw a TV made by the same company as mine, also a 27" tube, for $450. Of course, there could be several factors for the increased price, but I'm guessing that it's the digital tuner that is the primary reason for the higher price.
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