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Originally Posted by SW01 View Post
They probably won't get the same ground-breaking effect, but they can build on what they have by adding more features, more ambitious storylines, characters and powers, and make it longer now they know there is a market for it. Think of the difference between KotOR and TSL - both great games in their own right, but KotOR was the ground-breaker, the new thing. TSL took that base and built upon it, with slightly enhanced graphics more animations, items, etc, and would have had a greatly enhanced storyline had LA allowed Obsidian to finish it!

Hopefully, LucasArts will do the same this time round, use the original as a base and build upon it, but maybe finish it thi time around!
Hmm... I'd love them to achieve the story enhancements that came with TSL, but the time setting would surely be far more restrictive for TFU 2. There's very little space between the end of the first game and Episode IV, the key villains have already been used, and the lingering Jedi survivors have been slaughtered.

We'll see though. I'm on board for another one, although I'd prefer KOTOR 3 if I was forced to choose.
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