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Originally Posted by Henz View Post
Hmm... I'd love them to achieve the story enhancements that came with TSL, but the time setting would surely be far more restrictive for TFU 2. There's very little space between the end of the first game and Episode IV, the key villains have already been used, and the lingering Jedi survivors have been slaughtered.
Yeah - I would say it'll be: 1) as discussed, focused on Maris Brood; and 2) set just after her encounter with Galen on Felucia, or just after being sent away by Shaak Ti - maybe that will even be the prologue. And, of course as you say, the villains are already set. Pity, imo (cause we know exactly who they are and how they act, and thus we know who we will fight at the end.)

Originally Posted by Henz View Post
We'll see though. I'm on board for another one, although I'd prefer KOTOR 3 if I was forced to choose.
But of course!

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