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Luke Skywalker: Computer Problem Part 3

Jedi Temple

Luke sits happily in front of his computer as he hooks up a webcam to his pal Han Solo, who was online. Luke took the last cord and stuck it into the computer, and an instant video appeared. Han was sitting in front of his computer too, but didn't know that the webcam was on. Luke smiled and pressed record and left the room to grab a sandwich.

Suddenly, Luke's computer blinked red and flashed about. Luke ran to it and clicked the problem.

"Government system hacked! Security Screen online!" the computer shouted.

The computer's screen went blank and Luke shouted something that was better not to be typed down.

Suddeny, someone knocked on Luke's door. Luke went over and opened, Han rushed inside,

"Luke! We gotta get you out of here!" shouted Han.

"Why," Luke said bewildered.

"You hacked into my computer, a government computer, anytime now the CSF will be breaking down your door!"

Luke shook his head," No they wouldn't. I'm a Jedi Master, what threat would I be?"

Han sighed," I'll get you out using the Falcon. I think there's a guy in CSF who doesn't like you, Luke!"

Next door to Luke's Apartment
Jedi Temple

"Officer Jones, do you know anything yet about the robbery of my apartment?" asked Boba Fett.

Officer Jones shook his head, "None that we know of Mr. Fett."

Boba stood from his seat in his apartment, "I have no idea why I moved to the Jedi Temple! I can't hunt anymore Jedi ever since Solo pushed me into that jerk of a sarlacc. There went my rep!"

Officer Jones stood as well, "I'll check with Master Luke Skywalker, next door. He might help."

Boba nodded, "I'm going to the cantina to wash away my worries. If you need anything meet me there."

Officer Jones frowned and walked out the door.

Luke's Apartment
Jedi Temple

Someone knocked on the door. Han and Luke looked at the door quickly.

"CSF here! I've gotta a couple questions for ya!"

Han gasped, "Oh No! They''ve come! Let's get out, Luke! Out the window!"

Luke, scared from the story Han told him about what happens to people who hack into the Imperial palace, moved fast. He forced push the window open and he and Han jumped out. They then ran to the nearest cantina, the same cantina Boba Fett was going to.

Upcoming part 4

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