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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
Please realise turning to the dark side, getting stripped of your power, creating the most evil scheme in the universe and falling to the dark side again isn't good for one's sanity.
Hi perhaps you have not noticed...I'm a Sith. I killed Carth, Bastila is my darkside bad girl wink wink, and I enjoy gutting Selkath while listening to Sith tunes on my IPod.

With Jedi I start by putting my Stealth on, deactivate it once behind a Jedi. Then take my saber and let it stick in the Jedi's back. I let it sit there and burn all the way up as it reaches the kneck. And then the head pops off. Yay. Of course during all of this the Sith heavy metal is cranked up loud. The Jedi squirming is almost like he's dancing while he dies. I somtimes I'magine the Jedi saying "Yes he's killing me yay yea heere comes my head about to pop. "Here I go pop". POP. "Yeah I'm dead". "Thank you SD."

So her suggestions to listen to the woman on Onderon about missions to kill certain guards and Kreia says we should listen to her that Vaklu may not be our enemy always. So her suggestion to do that is simply to teach a lesson about manipulation to learn more about the force to kill it? And not that she actually wants you to make Onderon sucede?

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