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Thanks Wildstar, much appreciated, i tried those links yesterday and they are dead, i tried to PM the General but no reply yet. I was able to find a "mirror" of Wedge's old site in Russia and the complete Asgard Campaign and list etc. were there along with a number of the other classic campaigns I was looking for. thanks. I hopw X Wing Legacy will continue. It is a great resource, maybe we could get some more resources on there, and edit a few of the links that are no longer active.

I was able to find the following:

The Jek Porkins Adventures
Jek Franko

The Legacy of Boba Fett (Gregory Koteles)

Heir to the Empire (Gregory KOteles)

Roots of Rebellion (Gregory Koteles)

Ashgard family campaign (Abolisher)

Make it big: The Jek Porkins Story (Jek Franko and Jer'yn Moc)

Heir to the Empire (Gregory Koteles)

Assault on Yaga Minor (Wedge)

Imperial Special Operations (Wedge)

Edge of the Republic (Wedge)

Dark Cat Pirates (Gugeyewalker)

Episode I Shipset (Chris Walker and XvT Productions)

Smuggler's Tale

New Jedi Order Invasion

Naboo Campaign

Battle of Hoth

some of Viper's Missions

Some of the Wolfshead Squadrom missions

I still very much would like to find>...................

The Rebirth of the Empire (Alexis "Snooba the Wookie" Sabatovich)

Moon1 (Rogue Squadron I) (Abolisher)

Ms. Talon's Campaigns (Ms. Talon)

XWA - Version Intégrale (Matthias, Biz20100 ...)

I am trying to assemble an archive of the classic campaigns and missions while they are still available. I have been doing some deep research into the orignal games and the enhancments that some great people have developed and even managed to find, today, digging very deep a lost orginal page from Draconius, about his patch work. that was a great thing to see: and it even has a downloadable copy of his file: SP3-50_B4.ZIP

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