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So you are saying that by worrying about not offending people and being more PC is skewing the intended message?
If that is the case, then I totally agree that the PC and coddling is getting out of hand. Personally I dislike the fact that people have to BS their way around things and in the end, most people don't understand what was said. I do agree that some things need to come out more straight than others.

Coming from a non-secular belief background I can see what Arcesious is getting at. Personally I don't buy the traditional arguments anymore yet I understand the need to tailor your conversation to your audience. It is a basic tenentment of Aristotle's Rhetoric when he dicusses the pathos rhetoric. That deals with the audience and how they react to what is being said. Apparently though from what I am understandind Arcesious is saying, people from the nonsecular tradition tend to overdo it in this fear of offending someone. The whole point behind rhetoric is to persuade. The study of rhetoric is the study of persuasion, the original foundations of communication studies.

I don't know how you'd want a nonsecular person to respond to the question you posed but I do know is that I am not stupid enough to not know when science provides reasonable explanation. Cite your source and I may be willing to agree or disagree. That's good enough for me.

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