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Originally Posted by JediMaster12 View Post
When you argue your position, you have to tailor your words to your audience.
I believe I understand, but doesn’t that apply beyond beliefs. I mean if you are an accountant and you are talking about the tax code to a group of accountants you are going to talk different than you would if you were talking to a group of doctors? Sure, we tailor our arguments not to offend another group, but don’t we also tailor our arguments so that they are received by another group? For people to receive your argument, first you must try to present that argument in a way that they don’t tune you out and second you must present the argument in a matter that they understand.

I could care less if a person is secular or non-secular, if they present their arguments in a respectful way in terms I will understand then I will listen. If the speaker is disrespectful or talks above the audiences head or below the audiences head, I will tune them out.

The thing I look for when someone is speaking to me is honesty, they can tell me anything as long as they are being honest and not acting out of malice. I appreciate someone not wasting my time by not mealy mouthing around the issue.

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