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Originally Posted by Mimartin
Very curious indeed, wait I see a reply from one (well at least two replies now).
Originally Posted by Qliveur
Oh then never mind about my comment there... (Didn't know for sure, so I guessed.) I was kind of hoping a philosphical/theological expert *cough*Jonathon7 or Jae Onasi*cough* would pop into the thread and have some cool ideas about this.

Originally Posted by Jedimaster12
Aristotle's Rhetoric
Interesting point you have there...

Also, thinking futher about it... I have a theory... I think that The Socratic method may be part of that too.

Originally Posted by Mimartin
I could care less if a person is secular or non-secular, if they present their arguments in a respectful way in terms I will understand then I will listen.
Agreed, that and I kind of have a liking for... well... evidence.

Originally Posted by Qliveur
stems from their religious beliefs? LOLWUT?
Careful... For it is written: "Thou shalt tailor thy arguments to thy audience, for they are in league with the political correctness police."

Look, I've seen secularists on forums who think theists are crazy, and I've seen theists who think secularists are crazy. Honestly, I think it all depends on how the person expresses themselves. People like Jae, J7, Achilles, etc, etc- they're the kind of people who are evidence to the fact that woo does not stem from their personal perspective of things.

However, woo is very fun. Irrationality can be hilarious if you do it in good humor, and are laughing with a person being irrational, not at them.

Please feed the trolls. XD

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