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2:28 Scooter: there's an assassin droid on screen

2:29 Scooter: some jedi dude is force choking some soldier fool


2:29 Scooter: EPISODE 1 FIGHT MUSIC whike two jedi are dueling

2:29 Scooter: "your saga begins online"

2:29 Scooter: Star Wars: the Old republic = title

2:30 Scooter: Ray is introducing James Ohlen

2:30 Scooter: Lead designer on KOTOR and Baldur's Gate

2:30 Scooter: He's got street cred

2:30 Scooter: He's going to talk about high level design stuff

2:31 Scooter: KOTOR is the coolest game of my career, and SW: Old republic is even MORE exciting! compelling!

2:31 Scooter: "bringing story to the online space"

2:31 Scooter: takes place 3500 years before movies

2:31 Scooter: there's a haggard jedi looking guy plus some random monster art on screen while he talks

2:31 Scooter: 300 years after KOTOR 1 and 2

2:32 Scooter: New Sith Empire is THE MAN

2:32 Scooter: terentatex= ny Star wars nerd know what this is?it was just onscreen

2:32 Scooter: Faction: Galactic Republic or Sith Empire

2:32 Scooter: classes within each faction

2:33 Scooter: he's talking about individual stories of characters like han solo and luke

2:33 Scooter: that's the dynamic he wants; players with own stories who commune with others

2:33 Scooter: players will have to make hard choices

2:33 Scooter: "good, evil, pragmatic, or unpredictable"

2:34 Scooter: reiterates that companion characters are important to both bioware games and SW movies

2:34 Scooter: companions, player choice, unique classes, and players joining together are the key factors of the experience

2:34 Scooter: now here comes the art director

2:35 Scooter: Jeff Dobson, he's worked on other MMOs

2:35 Scooter: quick aside: no in game art has been shown so far


2:35 Scooter: all art is concept art so far

2:36 Scooter: Dobson is talking about making it Star Wars and recognizable

2:36 Scooter: oh wait, a kinda cool image of a olde tyme trooper just flashed by

2:36 Scooter: looks pretty KOTOR-ish

2:37 Scooter: it's a trooper design i haven't really seen

2:37 Scooter: NOT EVEN ANTHONY knows what the trooper was!

2:37 Scooter: he's a huge SW nerd

2:38 Scooter: he's talking about how they gotta get the character art right, since that's ALL YOU SEE IN AN MMO

2:38 Scooter: why is he talking about broad shoulders and square jaws if you're going to wear space armor? that's a mystery to me.

2:39 Scooter: AHA, he just talks about how the art is designed to run across ALL range of PCs

2:39 Scooter: he's talking about a video that's coming up

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