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Well the socratic method is bascially where you debate with a person, but always let them be right. It's only real purpose is to invite questions in without coming off as something that may get you in trouble.


In the middle ages, I bet it was rare for someone not to beleive in God. If a secularist wanted to debate with a non-secularist, due to the circumstances of that time, he may have had to use the socratic method, and be dishonest, by saying he is religious.

It's kind of funny. With some of the social prejudices of groups of some religious people, if you said you didn't beleive in God, it would be worse than saying you're part of a different religion. So in order to get listened to, the socratic method would be used.

Here's where I think it ties into Aristotle's Rhetoric- tailoring an argument to your audience may require a minor use of the method, in order to be listened to instead of laughed at or yelled at.

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