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Originally Posted by J7
Why do you think only secular people have replied? I count several theists who have replied - I think you are making assumptions as to what people think based on your own current biases
That was definitely a biased mistake on my part, I admit.

Originally Posted by J7
You rang, here I am - though people have been falling out with one another so much recently I have avoided posting in threads, lest I be accused of bias when I moderate someone for breaking the rules...
OMG you're so biased! No just kidding.

I wouldn't worry to much about that. You've been doing a great job justifying your actions as a moderator. I don't think you shhould keep yourself out of discussion if you have something to say about a topic, be it opinion or something else.

Originally Posted by J7
When have I ever done this? There is only one time I hold back in an argument, and thats when I think by winning the argument I would loose the person, often I could trump someone in a discussion, but think it better to stay friends with them, than loose them as a friend for the sake of winning an argument.
Good point, you haven't as far as I know. But when I did when I was religious, I did it without realization. And many of my religious friends (teenagers like myself) who know what I beleive often confront me on it and do the same kind of thing. My pastor and many of the active members of my church even do it.
I've even noticed it on secular forums, where there are people who make wild assumtions about theists. Luckily, there are some that are far less biased.

I dunno, but it seems a very common thing for people to do.

Originally Posted by J7
Its not so much about saying what we mean, as how we are understood - learning, understanding, method of communication are all cultural - people in 'Northern Countries' (Europe, USA etc) are generally more indepedant and task based. People in 'Southern Countries (S. America, Africa etc) tend to be more dependant and community based. As such often cultural mis-understandings can occur between them. E.g. in America you usually would inform someone if you were planning to visit, where as in say Mexico its quite natural just to call round un-announced.

This is all to say, we can often be miss-understood - as communication is at its very base subjective dependant on the person receiving the message, and their experiences, education and culture.

Does this answer your point?
Maybe we should look into the cultural effects of the words on debating then... I don't think wikipedia has an article on that specific subject though.

Thanks for the reply lol. The spell is broken, you are now free of this thread. (I'm joking, I guess it doesn't really matter who posts.)

Please feed the trolls. XD
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