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Originally Posted by Qliveur View Post
Facinating book, that 1984. I think I'll go read it again, see all of the parallels in today's society and get all paranoid and depressed again.
I need my annual reading, too. I'm starting to get too unconcerned about society and government (I still haven't figured out if rereading 1984 actually helps or not ).

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
That depends on how you view words, do words define concepts, or do concepts define words? All people need are letters and new words can be invented to describe concepts, it's how it's worked all throughout history.
To me, letters are put together to form words, which, in turn, represent ideas. Those ideas, according to Newspeak, can by squashed if no such words exist to describe them. However, I'd be willing to say that it's a combination of what you stated: words and concepts have a certain amount of leverage over the other.

Originally Posted by Web Rider View Post
But yes, control words, you can control thoughts. Well, as long as you train people to only think within the bounds of words. Art sort of destroys this concept. You can paint a picture of a t***, even if you have no idea what to call it.
That's a very interesting point, Web. I'll keep that in mind during my readings/writings.
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