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How should we pay for the game?

As I understand it, no decision has been made on how they're going to price the game. The current models in MMO pricing are:
a. free and you pay extra for special content and equipment (about as likely to happen with EA in charge as hell freezing over)
b. monthly fees like WoW
c. monthly fees with option to buy a one time lifetime membership which takes care of monthly fees forever like LotRO
d. Pay for the campaigns as they come out instead of monthly fees like Guild Wars

There may be some other models I'm not aware of but these are the main ones that I know about.

Personally, I like the Guild Wars model--buy the campaign and you're done, no monthly fees. I can live with a LotRO model where you have the option of a one-time lifetime membership fee along with the option of paying monthly. I don't want to mess around with monthly fees.

Also, some of us have families that play MMOs, and a family discount would be incredibly helpful. My hubby, my kids, and I all play Guild Wars together, and we all love Star Wars, too. I know we're going to be playing this game when it comes out. The concept of having an entire family playing an MMO together is fairly new, but I think the ranks of families gaming together will grow with time, and family pricing discounts would help facilitate that trend.

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