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The Free MMO concept is nice, until you realize you are playing a free MMO.

Guild Wars is a fine game, I'll give it that. But it is also severely lacking content compared to other MMOs, all of which are pay-to-play. Not to say that is bad, as it obviously works.

Just that when I play GW, it honestly does feel like I'm playing a free MMO. When the team is getting a constant stream of money, I notice that there are more moderators, glitch fixes, faster patches, etc. They just have more money to expand servers, staff, and the game. Now, a good part of it is profit, but that just goes to improving the MMO and working on other games (Say, Mass Effect 2 and 3)

As far as paying goes, $15 is the highest I'm willing to shovel out.

A lifetime membership could be an option, but that would only be the case if I -really- loved this game.

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