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I'm having a problem with this little hack. I'm trying to run the game in my native resolution of 1680 x 1050, everything works and looks great in-game; but my problem arrives whenever an FMV plays. Whenever a cutscene occurs the screen freezes but I can actually hear the audio for a few seconds, and ultimately the game crashes or else I have to kill the program in the task manager.

Oddly enough, the game's opening cutscene works just fine, but I'm currently about ready to leave Taris and whenever the bombardment scene begins to play the problem occurs. I've noticed that if I change my resolution back to something lower the problem is eliminated, but I'd rather get it working in my native resolution if at all possible. If nothing else can be done however, than I suppose I'll just have to keep lowering my resolution whenever the game's FMV's are about to trigger and then switch it back afterwards.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or suggestions if anyone has any... TIA.

BTW, I am running the game on Windows Vista 32 bit home basic, I have disabled UAC and am running the game in Admin mode. I've even tried running the game in XP Compatibility mode but it doesn't help.
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