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How the "Rebels" could have won:

Howard (Trooper 1): Ok, Jim will distract them when they come in and we'll pick them off one at a time.

(Stormtroopers come in)

Jim (Trooper 2): Hey you, look at me! 1 h@z a r3d h3lm3t!1!!

Stormtrooper 1: Number 2, you go after him, we'll stay here and make sure Lord Vader is safe on arrival...

Stormtrooper 2: (Runs after Jim) Get over here!

S2 turns a corner and all that's left is a white corpse

After Vader came... I dunno, pray? Strafe and hope he dies?

Which brings another question: Even though it's just a game, how come Heroes can be killed by two soldier-type infantry? (Battlefront II)

You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!
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