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Lightbulb The big bad Class discussion!


Let's roll.
2 classes have been confirmed, with a third one pending:

What classes would you like to see? Give a detailed description!

Personally, I'd love a Mandalorian Soldier class. They bring some balance in the game. They are Jedi killers and we wouldn't like to have 90% of the game's inhabitants to be Jedi because it's the strongest class, no?

So, I'll go ahead:
Soldier class
Trained to battle, trained in battle.
The strong arm of the Republic, strengthened by wars of the past, equipped with modern technology and weapons.

Jedi hunter
This Soldier has learned all there is to learn about the killing of Jedi. Trained to block all thoughts, trained to target the Jedi when he/she is weak. Armoured with cortotis this one is a force to be reckoned with!

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