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KotOR 3 will always have been a beter choice but I have a feeling ToR will be pretty good. Until I get a good genuine KotOR 3 I am going to convince myself of what happened in K3 so far its Exile and Carth/Bastila team up, find Revan, they all go on to find the True Sith, they manage to cause a huge civil war within their Empire that lasts about 100 years... durring that 100 years Revan, Bastila, Exile, etc begin hunting down as many Sith Leaders as they can until they all pass on and become Etheral Spirtis to which they will guide my character in ToR lol... Long Live Revan, Long Live the Exile, Long Live KotOR... But now lets all live ToR. I really really dont care about classes anymore I honestly wont mind being able to choose Jedi first time around I will probably have 1 Jedi, 1 Sith, 1 Normal Soldier or something under the Republic... but I sware to god if that HK unit ends up being HK-47 I WILL KILL THE HEAD DEVELOPER OF L.A.

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