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and how in the world d o ewoks, with the upper arm strength of a 10 year old, manage to KILL stormtroopers in full armor by whacking them with sticks and stones?
You forget that the stormtroopers are never actually shown to be killed by the ewoks. You also forget the scenes where it shows the ewoks tripping over each other retreating from the AT-STs.

Stormtrooper armor itself is designed to protect against shrapnel and the like, not laser fire. Laser-resistant armor would be too expensive or bulky to mass-produce.

also what are your thoughts on the battle of endor? even though the emperor was killed, it seems to me like the massive fleet, no matter how incompetent, could have destroyed the rebels.
The Empire lost the orbital battle because of the destruction of two command ships: the Executor, which was seen in the movie, and a main communications ship which IIRC was shown in the novelization. The loss of both of them threw the Imperial fleet into disarray.

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