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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
It does interfere because it explicitly shows that everything after TSL does not get resolved for another 300 years.

My anger is not the lucasarts has chosen an MMO instead of KOTOR 3, but that their MMO killed all possibility of KOTOR 3. If Lucasarts wanted an MMO, they should have had it 5-20 years after KOTOR and regarded it as a continuation of that storyline, or not touched KOTOR in any degree.
Ehm? Killed Kotor 3?

Hello 300 years of...nothingness? In The MMO the Sith have RECENTLY surfaced and laid waste to the Galaxy. Not 2 seconds after the Exile's departure.
Also, we see a rebuild Jedi order. Atton, Bao-Dur, Deciple must have done their job very well!

And..ehm...5-20 years after Kotor? Big raid to kill Revan for his Ubermask of +5 vs Lucasforums Moderators" ?

Nope. Revan and the Exile are to valuable. They don't make the same 'mistake' as Blizzard, where in WoW you can kill every great hero from the Warcraft RTS games.

I think this is the better way. A beautiful statue of Bao-Dur in the Jedi halls, a portrait of Revan in Sith academy...some holocrons in which they speak to you...the 'Onasi-class star Destroyer" etc etc.

I think this way, they leave the mystery untouched.

So, I agree with True_Avery.
Some people want this. There are great arguments pro and con, but the cons (the one's you have us) don't have monopoly on the truth.

@ Prime: Crap, you already brought in my '300 years is good' argument.

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