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Hello i have problem with Kotor and i tried to use KSE to solve it but i got more of problems

Well i have windows vista and i have problem that some other vista users have.
The game crashes after leaving leviathan and shooting scene on ebon hawk, it just drops to desktop.

i tried single core, no movies, no sound etc compability modes nothing helped,
so i tried to "swap" map but that requires a command console and it seems impossible to get working on Vista, i added the EnableCheats=1 and Enable Console=1 to swkotor.ini and made the write authentications to file but still cant bring the console down so iam stuck in leviathan.

So i installed the Darth333 Armband mod witch brings the teleportation armband to game so i could get pass of my leviathan spot, but it only appeared on character when i start new game.

I have played 16hours with current character and i dont wanna play all of it again, so now i tried to apply the armband to my current character inventario with KSE but it gives me following error when i commit changes
and after that

If anyone could have any idea how i could continue game i would be pleased to know.
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