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Luke Skywalker: Computer Problem Part 4

A Cantina near the Jedi Temple

Han and Luke walked slowly into the Cantina, staring at the various hives of scum and villiany. Han smiled, "Ha, just like old times, eh, Luke."

Luke covered his nose, "Smells just like old times, too."

Han shrugged. He didn't seem to notice the smell, because he was stepping in it. He didn't notice, though, so he kept on walking right down the aisle.
Luke whispered," Hey, Han, I think we should lie low and not strut around like you're doing now. We're fugitives, thanks to you."

Han smiled, "Fugitives, nah, we're stylish refugees."

Luke rolled his eyes, "Just LIKE old times."

Han and Luke kept on walking until they reached the reached the main bar.

A scruffy man in a dirty brown shirt came to their help, "What'y'all have?"

Han put on his "cool" face and leaned on the table, "I'lll have a Correlian ale."

The bartender started laughing, "I'm sorry, heh, I'm sorry, I just can't take you seriously with that face...Who are you, Han Solo? Heh. Oh, okay I'll get your drinks, heheh."

Han's face had gone from "cool" to embarrassed. Luke tapped the bartender on the shoulder.

"I'll have a milk."

This made the bar tender and much of the bar hysterical with laughter. Even Han was laughing.

"Kid," he said, "When you go to a bar, you order a real drink." Han was apparently happy about the embarrassment being lifted from him to Luke.

Suddenly the whole bar went quiet, everyone's eyes blank. Luke smiled, and the bartender gave him his milk.

Han sighed, "No fair, I don't have the force."

Luke smiled,"Better to have milk then dead brain cells."

Han rolled his eyes and sighed. Suddenly he noticed a familiar sight: Green armor complete with weapons and a helmet, only a few feet away.

"Oh, no."

"What is it, Han."

Han pointed a shaky hand, "Boba Fett, they hired Boba Fett!"

Luke looked at Boba Fett and sighed, "Han! Stop assuming everyone's out to get us!"

Suddenly a blaster shot from a random gunfight on the other side of the cantina, hit the bulkhead near Han's face. "You sure?" he said

Suddenly, Han noticed something peculiar about Boba. He was swaying back and forth, drunk.

"Doo da day, I think, flzzerel,le to. Heheheheheh," Boba said. He then started swaying back and forth again.

"I didn't think I hurt his feelings THAT badly when I pushed him into the sarlacc."

Luke sighed, "You're getting soft in your old age, Han."

"Poor guy, this is all my fault?"

Luke rolled his eyes, "Yeah, Han. All your fault. He's content with drowning himself in liquor."

Han walked over to Boba, "I think I should help him out."

Luke shook his head,"No, Han, don't do it."

Han tapped Boba's shoulder, "Are you Boba Fett?"

Boba coughed, "No, I am Mrs. Nezbit."

Han kept from laughing, "No, you're Boba Fett, show some backbone."

Boba wasn't making eye contact with Han, "You're right, I shouldn't be like this. Thanks for the help..." Boba stood and looked at Han.

"Hi, Fett."


Luke drank his milk down and handed it to the bartender. He pointed at Han and said, "I don't know that guy." Boba picked up his rifle, and Han grabbed Luke. "To the Falcon!" he shouted. The two men ran quickly from the Cantina to the spaceport, Boba hot on their heels.

"My rep will be saved with your capture, Solo!" Boba said.

Han whispered to himself, "Should've brought Chewie."

The two men made it to the Falcon in hangar 41 and locked the door. Boba banged hard on its surface, but he quickly left. Han sat in the pilot's seat, Luke in the co-pilot's. "Hey, Luke, how does Tatooine sound to you?"

Luke nodded,"It's okay."

Suddenly, the smell of the cantina reached Luke's nose, and he looked at Han's foot.

"Hey, Han, "he said.

"Yeah, Kid."

"What's that on your foot?"

Han looked and his eyes went wide, "AHHHHH MAN!!"

PART 5 coming soon....

you very much
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