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Best Current Insights into the Game

Update: Wednesday AM

Overall, MMO using unique new combination of Story and indiviudal game path combined with at least one companion who has strong AI and independence, plus your affiliation in game does not affect your inner moral stance, i.e. you can diverge from your main "faction" Old Republic or Sith, and see unique gameplay. Overall this game will feature more story content than all the previous Biowar games combined, being therefore a massive and unique new departure for MMO"s into story and greatly enhanced play. NO grinding or repetitious and random plots, and overall high high quality to be expected from Biowar and under the close cooperation with Lucas to the top, so true Star Wars and Knights of the Old Republic content continuation.

Though there are many who really wished for a continuation of the Single player series of KOTOR i urge people to keep an open mind as the MMO is a great way to expand the world and the play experience and the developers and writers promise specifically that this new one will include all styles of play including Single Player. Be grateful that we have this chance to continue on with the Star Wars saga and the Old Republic in particular. And with a great company like Biowar at the helm.

The best game overview so far is the content notes and pictures on Biowar site, and the live interviews.

Best overview of the game and past story is on Biowar Site here:

Be sure to click the VIEW ALL tab as there are more topics hidden, and they all give a great continuity to the game story!

Lead Writer from Biowar Daniel Ericson tells about the game

there is a link at the bottom of the chat text for a live audio feed

The Hero Game Engine

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