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*Snipped* Both BioWare and LA said the reason for making K3 an MMO is that:

I like the Idea of leaving the mystery of what happened...? unsolved(for the most part.)

A beautiful statue of Bao-Dur in the Jedi halls, a portrait of Revan in Sith academy...some holocrons in which they speak to you...the 'Onasi-class star Destroyer" etc etc.
Yeah, that would indeed be sweet.

It kinda makes since that the True Sith waited to attack, they wanted revenge on the Jedi, and with possibly 3-8 alive where would the satisfaction be?(especially with most of the 3-8 Jedi(or Sith) being newbs). They waited till the Exile's disciples had fully rebuilt the Order.

I understand your frustration, but please don't resort to name calling. Thanks!


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