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Originally Posted by RyuuKage View Post
name one thing any significant number of people were waiting for then...K3 and BF3 are the only things that come to mind, and BF3's development is a well-known secret.

Face it, the only thing anyone was waiting for was K3, not an MMO, regardless of it's setting. Much less one with such an anticlimactic end for Revan and the Exile: "So they both went to fight off the big bad True Sith but instead got pwned or converted to the Dark side, the end..."
"Significant number" is relative. While people were waiting for both games, I don't think we have an actual statistic showing the majority wanted K3.

And, as has already been stated, what make this MMO not part of the continuity? Sure, it is set 300 years after, but it is promised to have a story and I'll trust Bioware on that for now. If they can pull it off Guild Wars style, what you will basically be playing is a very, very, large and multiplayer single player RPG.

And it is set 4000-3500 years before. We all knew Revan and Exile were eventually going to die, and we have yet to actually discover if either are dead or alive. Jedi, including human Jedi, have been known to live for extraordinary amounts of time and considering Revan was some super powered Sith Lord and Exile is not -technically- alive, who is to say they are completely gone?

You can push it aside, but I thought it was an MMO and hoped it was an MMO the day it was released that Bioware was working on one.
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