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Originally Posted by Pikmin View Post
*Snipped* Both BioWare and LA said the reason for making K3 an MMO is that:

I like the Idea of leaving the mystery of what happened...? unsolved(for the most part.)
I would like to clarify something for everyone to ensure that they get something straight:

TOR and KOTOR III are NOT the same, but TOR as it is known explicitly declares that Revan and the Exile leave and never return. Then 350 years later, the enemies they went out to fight invade and conquer the Republic. This means that the climactic end to KOTOR is that the heros died or were converted.

It would be like the ending of episode three and then hearing that it wasn't for 350 years that the Emperor was defeated. That detracts from everything at the end of episode three.

If Lucasarts wants an MMO, make it take place directly after TSL, or don't touch KOTOR at all.
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