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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
TOR and KOTOR III are NOT the same, but TOR as it is known explicitly declares that Revan and the Exile leave and never return. Then 350 years later, the enemies they went out to fight invade and conquer the Republic. This means that the climactic end to KOTOR is that the heros died or were converted.
The climactic end is that they both went into the unknown and we know not what happened.

Really, the climactic end is that 3500 years later a Sith Lord puts the final bullet into the head of both the Jedi and the Republic. Even when Luke tried to put them back together, neither have recovered well. So, really, all of this is for naught as we already know what happens.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
It would be like the ending of episode three and then hearing that it wasn't for 350 years that the Emperor was defeated. That detracts from everything at the end of episode three.
It wasn't for another like, 23 years right? The hero fell to the Dark Side, killed or attempted to kill everyone he loved, and then ruled the Galaxy with an iron fist for 20 something years until his son came along and turns him back before he dies.

Star Wars is known for redemption, but not so much for a happy road along the way. Revan and Exile are Mary Sue characters, and after how godly the lore made both of them out to be its almost a releif to see that they both have/had weaknesses.

But, again, we still do not know what happened to them. Revan was apparently incredibly powerful and knew a lot of extinct teachings. Exile is -technically- not alive, and is more of a moving hole in the Force that eats off of what is around her. Outside of time, I don't see a whole lot of reason as to why they are both not still out there in some way.

Except, everyone has to die somehow. We cannot follow every year of these people's lives to the book, and even a shorter time skip would just have us playing one of them, or another god like Jedi character. Although the storytelling is fantastic, the Old Republican is slowly filling with too many characters with plot armor.

Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
If Lucasarts wants an MMO, make it take place directly after TSL, or don't touch KOTOR at all.
Directly after TSL the Republic is still on the brink of total collapse and the Jedi are extinct. Its going to take at least 100 years before the Jedi are a force to be reckoned with again, and the Republic is recovering from a Galaxy wide depression and a Military that just went through almost 4 wars in a row.

It got 300 years to recover and then was mauled once again by Sith, this time making all the way to Coruscant. Now we have a cold war on our hands, which is a great way to put a world together in my book. (See, World of Warcraft)

Just my 2cents.

Originally Posted by Web Rider
The only possible reason, IMO, to set it this far in the future, is to leave room for a "K3" in between, or simply because they didn't want to deal with all the problems they created by failing to wrap up the universe of Kotor1+2.
Agreed. 300 years is a long time, and LA has proven already that they like to fill every single second of their universe up.
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