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My biggest gripes with KotOR were that they weren't long enough. I wanted more. The first was complete, but just a bit too short. TSL was incomplete and short. That is the advantage of the MMO. It is able to have a huge long lasting story. Far greater than could be squished onto a single DVD. I mean I really wanted to explore the worlds. I wanted to wander around and see what all else there was. Instead I had barricades that could not be crossed. The tombs were tiny(for the most part). City planets that you only see tiny fractions of. When you have terabytes of storage, you can have a huge game. I don't like buying a bunch of games. I'd rather buy one that I can play for a long time. So in essence, I'm saying that yes I wanted TOR instead of KotORIII

They finished the story lines. They disposed of the main characters. If Revan had been in the second game as the antagonist or protagonist, I can see how you could draw the parallel to the films. but a cameo appearance and mentioning him going off to fight the true Sith, basically sealed his fate. If Vader or Luke had not been in Empire would a third movie have been made?

edit: Oh and I'm glad they are dead too.
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