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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
If you object to what I say, then why don't you try to convince me that TOR is better 300 years after KOTOR than 5-20 after TSL. Why would KOTOR fans be glad to know that the ending goes badly?
I know this is not a question for me; however, I will give you a good reason why 300 is better. Hidden in the tombs and characters on Korriban and Dantooine you learn about the past. We searched through tombs and consoles to learn about the older Jedi and Sith generations. Knights of the Old Republic opened this new stretch of Star Wars history. Making a third game anywhere close to the events of The Sith Lords would be completely repetitive. We already know about the past; thus, there would be nothing new to learn. Exploring the tombs and archives deep into the future will recapture the essence of Knights 1. Why? There will be newer stories to tell, and a good 300 years of history to catch up with. Revan and Exile are now legends. Questions The Old Republic will answer may include - What happened to Revan and Exile? - What happened when Revan confronted the Sith Emporer? - Did Revan and Exile get together? - Did Revan and Exile clash in combat? - What happened to the world around them? Starting a game right after they left will give you nothing new. There is no more history to learn. We now have 300 years of history to shift through. We may learn about the rise and fall of new Sith Lords.

Knights 1 provided us with a fully functional Dantooine and Korriban. Knights II provided us with the Jedi Civil War aftermath; thus, Dantooine and Korriban were in a complete mess. There was no more mysteries to solve on these planets. Homes to the Sith and Jedi were completely wipped out. Putting the game 300 years into the future will return us to grave robbing, artifact finding, and many other elements made famous in Knights 1.

Knights 2 left some unanswered questions; however, you don't really learn anything epic about Sith and Jedi history. Go back to those feeling you had during Knights 1. You searched all these tombs and mysterious locations. Everything felt very large and epic. You felt as though you really belonged to something. Knights 2 was not an expansion of anything epic; therefore, you only learn about the fate of only a few historical players. We have more history to explore on both sides. Exploring rebuilt or never before seen tombs on Korriban is awsome.

My only problem is - Should this have been a single player game? I'm all open to the 300 years of history to learn and explore; however, I'm not too thrilled about a multiplayer game. I haven't made up my mind. I also don't have any experience in playing a MMORPG; thus, there is something for me to gain from this experience.

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