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Originally Posted by Darth_Yuthura View Post
Then this is not KOTOR at all. This means that you've proven my point. Anyone who wanted KOTOR III will find that Lucasarts has given them something completely different.
Lets break down "Knights of the Old Republic"

The "Old Republic" refers to everything up until the formation of the Empire, the Fall of the Empire and the rise of the New Republic. Therefore, technically, Anakin and Mace were Jedi Knights of the old republic. In our specific context, the "old republic" is the republic 3000-4000 years before "current events".

So if you are a Jedi or Sith knight during the times of the old republic, then you are a "knight of the old republic". While this may not fit the feel of the game, the name itsself is techically correct in application.

Different from what we're used to? Sure it is. Unfitting? not really.

They haven't fixed the old problem before they started the new one.
True, they have not, but lets face it, a LOT of content was cut from K2, and that's like making a sequel to a movie that didn't have a conclusion to it's own events. It really doesn't work. Because of the cuts to K2, it really killed the ability of K3 to exist without massive repairs to the K2 storyline.

No, you are an individual who stands alone on this. That's a bit arrogant for you to claim your opinion is worth so much.
No, there are a few who agree with me. The majority? I don't claim that. You asked/stated that no KOTOR fan would want the Exile and Revan dead, I stated, as a KOTOR fan, that I am glad they are dead. I merely stated my opinion of their state of being because you offered up the challenge.

edit: man my writing has been shoddy of late.

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