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Originally Posted by True_Avery View Post
That'll be really odd to see, considering companions might cross between players.

What do you do if that companion is dead, yet the guy you invited still has him alive? Maybe the group leader is sort of the default while everyone follows?
my assumption would be that different classes would have different companions, so there's some variation there, or possibly your companions would be the only version to exist in your world. Or perhaps the raids are outside your world in the greater MMO world and there are NO companions there.

Otherwise yeah, you'd end up with GW "twinning" of companions, which, depending on how unique the companions are, may or may not work. If they're "fairly generic twi'lek #5" then you might not notice. Or perhaps companions are randomized in looks, ie: Joe the Butcher would be lanky and twi'lek in one game, and short, fat and human in another world.

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