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Originally Posted by redrob41 View Post
I thought that the whole reason that Bioware created KotOR in the first place was because they wanted all the lightsabers, force powers, blasters & droids, etc, but without all the restrictions of holding to the movie time period. By placing thier story 4000 odd years in the past, they could start fresh. The same is true for TOR, by setting it 300 years after TSL, they have more freedom to bring in new characters and story plots.
except that the prime story plot, the emergence of the True Sith and their empire, is nothing less than a continuance of what began in the KOTOR series (K1, K2, and the comics). The difference is that now most if not all of the characters are gone, so their story isn't complete. They just drop off the galactic record with no explanation. Sure the overarching story continues, but what about the personal stories for which it served as a background? Even the main factions are very different or completely gone.

Hopefully the comic or a novel sheds some light on what happened in the Unknown Regions, both before and after the Jedi Civil War.
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